Instagram reels emerge as an opportunity to create and discover new ideas

On August 5, 2020, Instagram introduced a brand new feature, Instagram reels. They featured it as a new way to create and discover short and entertaining videos. With this, you can create amusing videos and share those with your friends or any other Instagram user. You can also share reel videos on your Instagram feeds and let a wider Instagram community enjoy it. The Instagram reel is thus becoming a wonderful way to be creative and to enjoy others’ creations.

Instagram reels emerge as an opportunity to create and discover new ideas

This Instagram feature of reel video encompasses many things at large. A wide variety of creative tools and techniques are there to make enjoyable videos. For example, you can add any music, or songs through the option of merging audio with the video. One can apply different AR effects to add a unique touch to the video. While creating the video you can set the alignment and speed as per your choice. The option of Timer is there so that one can manage the time for the video. Reel videos can be recorded in a series of different clips. The progress indicator on the top of the screen tracks the progress of your clips.

Reel videos allow Instagram users to reach and amuse the vast and diverse Instagram community. In this way, an individual user can increase the number of followers as well and impact the influences. As the crisp, short video is a new trend for Gen Y, reel videos are gaining popularity rapidly. Though it is sometimes being criticized as the copied version of TikTok, many influencers and brands are appreciating it at large. Back to 2016, when the Instagram story was introduced that was called Snapchat clone. But later, it not only beat Snapchat regarding daily user count but also became an effective way to build a large audience base and promote business. Many brands utilized it to showcase their products and services to a huge number of audiences. This reel video is also appearing as a new approach for business promotion.

In today’s busy world, people prefer easy and quick options even if it is for entertainment. So, the 15-second reel videos are now getting huge applause from common people. Through reels, big brands now collaborate with different creative talents. This brings up creative videos presenting new ideas. Thus, reel videos are appearing as a storehouse of creative ideas and innovations.

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